5 Favorite Places for Take-Out in Our Portland Neighborhood

When you live in Portland, Oregon you know that there are no shortages when it comes to food options. Portland is known as one of the biggest food hubs in the U.S. and we can understand why. There are tons of places to choose from and numerous tastes that will satisfy your palate. With the current stay-at-home orders in place, we find that ordering take-out not only creates a sense of normalcy in our day to day but it continues to support the local food businesses that we have grown to love. Here are some of our favorite places to order take-out in our Portland neighborhood.

Taqueria PDX

Taqueria PDX is a quick stop for Mexican fare located off of SE Morrison, across from Cascade Brewing Barrel House. It has highly rated reviews and for most, has become a local favorite that is visited on a regular basis. Hours are limited for take-out during this time so be sure to look them up for current operating hours.


Renata is an upscale Italian restaurant located in the heart of Portland’s Central Eastside District just down the street from the White Owl Social Club. This Italian beauty is only open in the evenings for a limited time but is well worth your dinner experience.

Pad Thai Kitchen

If you love Thai, and who doesn’t!, you will love Pad Thai Kitchen. It’s everything you would expect from a Thai house and this one will not disappoint. Their current hours are split during the day so be sure to double check when they are open. They also have food delivery services if you would prefer to order from home or the office.

Poke Mon

We love this place just for the name! Of course, we love their food too. Poke Mon is located in the Hawthorne District serving locally sourced fish and rice bowl recipes. It’s fresh fare at a great price that you will surely fall in love with. They offer pick up and delivery, making it easy and convenient.

Paa Dee

Paa Dee actually means ‘ to bring good things’ and we think they definitely bring good Thai! When you find a good Thai house it’s hard to pass up and that is surely the case with Paa Dee. Their modern spin on Thai food will have you coming back for more. Hours of course are limited during this time so be sure to call ahead.

With the normalities of our world shifting, what seems like daily, comfort is something we all find ourselves craving. Food is definitely one of those comforts for us and finding so many places that can provide that sense of comfort is something we are appreciating more. Knowing we can experience those comforts in the home or in the office as well as support our favorite local businesses is both a reward and a privilege. We hope you enjoy our 5 favorite places for take-out in our Portland neighborhood and they become some of your favorites as well!


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