Add Comfort and Life to Your Rug With a Custom Rug Pad

Most rug retailers and cleaners will highly recommend using a rug pad underneath your area rug – we do here at Gallagher’s – because of the many benefits this small investment will yield. A quality rug pad will be the unsung (and unseen) hero in extending the life and increasing the comfort and safety of your investment. We offer custom-cut rug pads to fit perfectly under handmade rugs that typically have imperfections or uniqueness in their shape.

Benefits of a Custom Rug Pad

  • Traction: A rug pad will provide traction to the material on the back of the rug to prevent sliding in smaller pieces and rippling in larger pieces – both of which can be very dangerous in a high-traffic area.
  • Preventing Wear: A custom cut pad will create a barrier between the foundation of your rug and the floor. This means that there will be less of an impact from foot traffic and furniture, prolonging the life of the foundation of your rug.
  • Comfort: A cushioned rug pad is your best bet if you are looking to add a more plush feeling to your area rug.

Contact us or stop by our SE Portland Rug Plant to browse options and have a custom-cut rug pad cut for your rug!

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