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It’s officially springtime in Portland, which has us crawling out of our winter hibernation to feel the rising temperatures, smell the blooming flowers, revel in the peaks of sunshine, and frolic in the fields of… mud. Lots and lots of mud. This makes Spring Cleaning not only a centuries old tradition rich with symbolism and proven psychological benefits, but also a very practical, very necessary approach to navigating springtime in the Pacific Northwest – especially when talking about rugs and carpets.

There are several reasons why carpets and rugs get dirtier in the spring – making them an essential part of your Spring Cleaning routine.


  1. Increased Foot Traffic. As the weather gets warmer, people tend to spend more time outside, or in Portland (at minimum) rushing outside to see the sun when it makes an appearance, and back in again when it’s gone. This all means more foot traffic in and out of the house, which of course means muddy rugs. Foot traffic inevitably increases the dirt, dust, and debris, which can accumulate on carpets and rugs. This same foot traffic of course applies to traffic from our four-footed pets, whose inside/outside time naturally adds to the mess we may already be tracking into our living spaces.
  2. Pollen and Allergens. Spring is the season when trees and flowers start to bloom, and with those blooms comes a lot of pollen and other allergens. These particles can easily get tracked into the house and settle into the carpet fibers, causing them to become dirty, dusty, or discolored. In addition to adding to the general messiness of spring, these particles can have negative health effects on people who suffer from seasonal allergies.
  3. General Spring Cleaning. While spring cleaning can be beneficial for many reasons, it can also lead to more dirt and dust being stirred up and settling into the carpet fibers (think of those dusty boxes from the back of your closet that you re-organized while sitting on your living room carpet). Additionally, some cleaning products can actually attract more dirt and grime to your rugs and carpets after their initial use, which is why we always recommend utilizing professional cleaning services to tend to those items.
  4. Moisture and Humidity. Springtime naturally sees an increase of moisture and humidity, which can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew within homes – especially in rugs, carpets, and other fabric-based items. These growths can leave stains on the carpet and cause unpleasant odors if not attended to appropriately.
  5. Flooding and Burst-Pipes. Beyond simple increases in moisture, Springtime is also one of the most common times of year for flooding and burst-pipes to occur. These phenomena can cause significant damage to homes, and are especially harmful to carpets and rugs. Prompt professional cleaning is your best bet for saving carpets and rugs, before the water causes permanent warping, dye bleeding, and more.

Why it’s important to get your muddy rugs and carpets professionally cleaned, especially in the spring.


Springtime brings more than its fair share of dirt, dust, debris, mud, and moisture into our spaces, and also increases the foot traffic into and out of the home. This all causes extra wear and tear on rugs and carpets. At-home remedies, at best, lack the depth and power of cleaning necessary to restore your rugs and carpets to their like-new conditions, and at worst, can actually cause more harm than good – hindering our ability to remove stains or salvage pieces that we could have if promptly (and professionally) addressed.

We’re Here For You this Spring (and all year round).

At Gallagher’s, we pride ourselves on our quality service, our professionalism, and our friendly way of conducting business. This spring, and all year round, we’re here to take care of you – making sure you can enjoy the change of season to its fullest, no matter how much mud it drags in. Contact us today for a free quote.


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