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In commercial spaces, carpet is the unsung hero of setting a tone – contributing to a building’s look, feel, and general aesthetic. A high-quality carpet invites people in, makes them feel comfortable, and incites familiarity, serving as a contrast in areas that could otherwise be industrial or cold.

Because they are so integral to commercial designs, carpets often take the brunt of traffic, and all the dirtiness associated with it. They encounter environmental-wear from dirt, mud, and water, and use-wear from spills and scuffs. To keep a commercial carpet looking like new – ensuring it continues to send the right message to guests, visitors, and employees – it must be cleaned professionally and with regularity.

But, not all professional carpet cleaning is made the same. Two methods are typically associated with commercial carpets: Encapsulation (Encap) and Hot Water Extraction.

carpet cleaning for a business

What is Commercial Carpet Encapsulation?

Low Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning that uses a chemical solvent designed to emulsify oily particules (i.e sticky soils) and bind them with dry particles so they can be vacuumed up in a secondary treatment.

This treatment gained popularity over the past 20 years as an alternative to the more laborious (and thus, more expensive) hot water extraction method of cleaning. But, in our experience, Encap has more than a few drawbacks.

Encap often ends up leaving residue behind, doesn’t remove dirt, and can end up spreading other debris across the carpet.

Hot Water Extraction, the preferred method of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hot Water Extraction, or “Steam Cleaning” is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure tools to propel cleaning agents and hot water into your carpet (consequently, releasing steam). This process dislodges the deeply-embedded dirt, grime, and debris that are nestled between or even saturated within the fibers of the carpet. This dislodging is followed by powerful vacuuming that removes any remaining debris from the treated carpet.

When conducted by professionals, especially with high-quality truck-mounted systems, hot water extraction is the most effective way to restore and maintain the quality and cleanliness of a commercial carpet. It can access more deeply embedded residue, that over time, can damage the fibers comprising your carpet.

Whether it’s bi-monthly, monthly, every six months, or annually, Gallagher’s creates a maintenance schedule for routine cleaning that is hassle-free for your business.

Get Started with Commercial Carpet Cleaning Today

First-time commercial carpet cleaning projects with Gallagher’s begin with a personal consultation, which can be requested here. A member of our staff will visit your location, assessing the condition, type, and location of your carpet, take measurements, and provide an in-person estimate for the job.

From there, we will schedule your cleaning, arriving at our prearranged time and will remain onsite for the duration of the clean. For recurring projects, we can establish a cleaning schedule. Let us know what your needs are and we can do our best to accommodate.


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