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There are five common carpet cleaning methods that are used today which include heat extraction, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, encapsulation and carpet shampooing. With all the different techniques out there it can be difficult to decide which option is the best one for you as they each have their own pro’s and con’s. We, however, believe truck mounted heat extraction units are the best carpet cleaning method used today in order to give you the cleanest carpets.

Let’s Explore Carpet Cleaning Methods

In order to see why truck mounted heat extraction units are the best for carpet cleaning it’s important to understand other carpet cleaning methods as well.

Dry Cleaning– Outside of heat extraction methods, dry cleaning is a popular choice for those that don’t want to deal with a drying time. Dry cleaning uses an absorbent compound that binds with the dirt and other substances in your carpet. A mechanical brush is typically used to distribute the compound, disrupting dirty fibers while the compound sits so that all the dirt binds to it. It is then vacuumed up with a professional dry vacuum.

Bonnet Cleaning– Bonnet cleaning is a technique used when a ‘quick cleaning’ needs to be done. Mostly used in commercial buildings in need of a spruce up, the bonnet cleaning method uses a machine equipped with a spinning pad soaked in solution. This method cleans the surface of the carpet and needs to be used more often as dirt from the deeper layers will eventually find its way to the surface and be exposed. It is one of the fastest techniques because of the fact that it only reached the surface and is known to leave behind residue.

Encapsulation– This technique uses a synthetic foam detergent that gets worked into the carpet via a brush machine. The foam crystallizes into a powder that encapsulates the dirt and soil. The encapsulated soil is then vacuumed up leaving behind no residue. Unfortunately, this method does not work well on heavily soiled carpets and is therefore not used often.

Carpet Shampooing– Carpet shampooing is the one of the oldest methods in professional carpet cleaning. It is similar to encapsulation in that the carpet shampoo is worked into the carpet fibers binding it with the dirt and is then vacuumed up with a wet vacuum. One of the downsides is that it takes awhile to dry and dry vacuuming if often recommended afterwards to pick up any leftover residue.

What Is Heat Extraction Anyway?

Truck mounted heat extraction is a cleaning method that refers to a carpet cleaning process where a hot water based solution is forced into the carpet fibers and then extracted from the carpet, pulling up any loosened dirt or soil. A carpet cleaning wand is attached to a pressure hose allowing jets to force this heated detergent solution into the carpet and then be extracted through a narrow opening in the wand where a holding tank awaits the dirty water to come back through the hose. Though this extraction method can be done using a portable unit, a truck mounted unit is considerably more powerful, allowing for water temperature to reach its optimal range as well as greater pressure coming from and back through the hose. This heat extraction method leaves the carpet fibers much cleaner and is particularly compatible when used on synthetic carpet fibers that are found in most carpeting today. Heat extraction can be used on some natural fibers as well, as long as the heat is controlled properly for the type of carpet fiber that is being cleaned.

Benefits Of A Truck Mounted Heat Extraction Unit

Higher Cleaning Temperature– Truck mounted heat extraction units are capable of much higher cleaning temperatures then other heating methods. The water can be heated up to more than 200°C which is imperative as the higher temperature will activate the washing agents more effectively and aid in killing all that bacteria. Higher water temperatures also allow for carpet cleaners to utilize less chemicals resulting in a cleaner carpet with less residues.

Greater Psi– Truck mounted heat extraction units produce greater pressures of up to fifteen hundred pounds per square inch (psi) but for the common carpet clean, a pressure of four to five hundred psi is used to attain optimal effectiveness. With more pressure from a truck mounted heat extraction unit, the more dirt and soil will be removed from the carpet. Not only will your carpet be clean, but all that dirt will be removed instead of sitting in the carpet fibers where it can be put back into the air you breathe.

Higher Vacuum Levels– Truck mounted heat extraction units also provide a much higher level of vacuums. What this means essentially, is that less water will be left in your carpet and therefore dry time will be a lot faster with an average of up to two hours.

Faster Cleaning Time– Truck mounted heat extraction units are easier to set up and have less down time during a task allowing for cleaners to be more efficient with time. These mounted units have large waste tanks that hold the dirty water so your technician doesn’t have to worry about emptying anything out in order to continue their job.

When getting your carpet cleaned you want to know that after all is said and done, your carpets are left at their cleanest and that you can get back to your everyday routine without having to worry about how long it will take before you walk on your carpets again. With a truck mounted heat extraction unit, you will be well on your way enjoying clean carpets once again!


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