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Fiber Protection on Rugs

By January 4, 2020September 22nd, 2022No Comments

What is “fiber protection”, and how does it protect your rug? Read on to find out!

Adding fiber protection to wool or synthetic rugs provides many of the same benefits that a stain guard or Scotchgard provides for the installed carpets in your home. The fiber protection used on area rugs at Gallagher’s is odorless, colorless, and designed specifically for fine rugs and textiles. Fiber protection will lightly seal the rug fibers to protect your rugs from:

Liquid Stains: Fiber protection can slow the absorption of wine, coffee, food, pet stains, and everything in between. Blot any spills will a towel to soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Scrubbing or adding other products to the stain can remove the fiber protection from the rug.

Build-Up of Dry Particulates: Dust, dirty paws, and foot traffic will leave your rug looking dingy and grey. Fiber protection’s light seal can slow the build-up of dry soils on your rug if you vacuum regularly. We highly recommend this treatment for light-colored rugs in high-traffic areas!

Wear: Fiber protection can also slow the abrasion of the rug fiber from everyday use. Over time, the tiny rug fibers can become scratched and crushed. Fiber protection slows the abrasion process to keep your rug looking beautiful and bright!

Please note: Adding fiber protection to your rugs will not prevent staining, wear, or traffic lanes. Please contact us with questions about the products being used.


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