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We love Portland and Portland people love their pets – that’s why over half of our calls for rug cleaning have something to do with pet odors or stains. Spot treating and hand washing can do wonders for most issues, but when it comes to urine, the only solution is an enzyme soak. We kept that in mind when we designed our rug cleaning facility. Not only do we have a dusting area, wash pit and drying floor, but we also have an enzyme pond dedicated to treat rugs with urine.

After dusting and washing, rugs are soaked in a bath of enzymes and water. With gentle agitation from our technicians, the enzymes unlock the urine, releasing it from the rug fibers. The contaminated water is then drained from the pond, the rug is re-rinsed several times, then moved to either our rug racks or tacking floor for drying.  Our process is thorough and effective – something that we’ve spent hours and hours perfecting and believe is the absolute best way to transform problem rugs.

Don’t let issues with your furry loved one come between you and your favorite rugs. Gallagher’s Rug and Carpet Care can get the stains and smells out.  Just give us a call or stop by with your rugs – we’re here to help!


Gallagher’s is proud to be a locally owned-and-operated Portland, Oregon business. We are nestled in the historic Central Eastside neighborhood, located right on SE Belmont, just off of I-5, with our own safe, off-street parking available to customers.