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The 1970’s were a magical time. The pants were tight at the waist and wide at the feet, the hair was long and free and the music was both AMAZING and disco. We can be thankful that most of these trends have left us, but few things have stuck around…one of them being Shag Rugs.

Yes, Shag was a status symbol for those freewheeling days, it was unusual and luxurious and it’s still with us today. But those who enjoy the comfort and luxury of this specialty carpet often face challenges when it comes to keeping it clean.

Along with other specialty carpets, Shag can be a challenge to clean. Shag rugs have been known to hide spare change, small toys, and various tiny creatures. The thick, heavy jungle of fiber on a shag rug can be difficult to penetrate with standard cleaning methods, and can be a scary undertaking for most cleaners. So how do you keep your Shag Rugs clean when most rug cleaners are simply not up to the challenge? Good question. Here’s the answer:

Call Gallagher’s because we’re up to the challenge.

Urine, stains and odors (including dog oils) in shag rugs are especially difficult to remove, but Gallagher’s is widely know for its success in treating hard-to-remove pet stains, odors, or traffic patterns. No one in Portland can match our results or commitment to your satisfaction. This is because we take the time to clean these rugs properly which usually includes extra dusting and multiple cycles through the cleaning process. Our expert technicians also create a customized treatment formula specific to each rug’s issues. This formula helps break the chemical bonds between your carpet’s fibers and the adhering stains. The rug is then thoroughly rinsed so that the rug feels as soft and luxurious as the day you bought it. Leaving product in the rug not only changes the texture, but the leftover product also acts as an attractant, drawing everything we just removed from your rug back to it faster!

Look, carpeting and rugs aren’t cheap. You made an investment in them, so don’t you think you should invest in their upkeep too? We do, and we make it affordable without compromising quality.

Drop your rugs off at our facility anytime, or give us a call at (503) 477-4097 for a quote!


Gallagher’s is proud to be a locally owned-and-operated Portland, Oregon business. We are nestled in the historic Central Eastside neighborhood, located right on SE Belmont, just off of I-5, with our own safe, off-street parking available to customers.