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Generally speaking, it is recommended that carpets are cleaned once to twice a year but every home will vary depending on foot traffic and other likely variables. Pets, wearing shoes indoors and having small children all impact how often a carpet should be cleaned. A common misconception when it comes to cleaning your carpet is that having it cleaned is best done in the summer months but this is actually not the case. Here we will give three reasons why you should clean your carpets in the winter.

Reason #1: Reduce Mold And Mildew Growth

One of the most common concerns homeowners have when it comes to having their carpets cleaned is how long it will take them to dry. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are very aware of how much rainfall we get through the fall and spring seasons, so it’s no wonder that homeowners could have concerns about having their carpets cleaned during the winter months when there can be so much moisture in the air. Contrary to what it may seem however, having your carpets cleaned during the winter can actually reduce mold and mildew growth as dry internal air from your heating system aids in absorbing moisture, helping to speed up the drying process by cutting it nearly in half. Not only will a heating system aid in the drying process but when the winter season hits its cold peak it naturally produces dryer air, leaving behind very little moisture as the air consumes any humidity. This is one reason why you should clean your carpets in the winter.

Reason #2: A Healthy Indoor Environment

With the winter season comes cold and rain causing more people to spend their time indoors more than any other season. In theory, it may seem that by staying inside with everything sealed shut, your carpets would not be in need of a cleaning but many people are not aware of the key reasons why winter is the most important time to clean your carpets. During the spring and summer months many homeowners open up their windows allowing fresh air to circulate their home. By doing so, dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants settle into their carpet unnoticed. Once the colder months arrive, windows and doors are sealed shut allowing for these allergens to build up along with other airborne pollutants like those that naturally come through filtration systems and even airborne food particles from cooking sources. These, along with soil and debris tracked inside from people and pets, will begin to affect the indoor air quality of your home. In order to ensure everyone is breathing in healthy air, it’s important to clean your carpets during the winter; removing any built up pollutants that will have a negative impact on your home’s indoor air quality. By doing this, you along with everyone in your home will enjoy a healthy indoor environment.

Reason #3: Holiday Gatherings Can Wreak Havoc On Your Carpet

If you’re used to hosting for the holidays then you’re aware of all the spills and stains that can come with it. Increased foot traffic along with jovial festive atmospheres are bound to result in a spilled plate of food or drink leaving holiday gatherings to wreak havoc on your carpet . Even small spills can become a nightmare if left unmanaged. When soil builds up in the carpet fibers it can become very hard to remove if not a permanent stain without proper cleaning. A quick spot clean will aid in preventing these spills from becoming stains but even self cleaning methods do not always prevent permanent damage. When drinks spill onto the carpet they soak through into the padding making it very difficult to get up all the moisture. This allows for the soil to sit and collect any dirt or other soils that cross its path, resulting in a breakdown of the carpet fibers and possible stains. The longer a potential stain is left unattended, the more difficult it will be to remove. In order to get the most out of your carpet and keep it looking its best for guests, have a professional clean your carpets prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Lets face it, the everyday household is very busy all throughout the year and the winter is no exception. Homeowners want to keep their homes looking their best and be comfortable in them knowing they are clean. With active schedules that keep them busy they don’t always have time to keep them clean on their own which is why hiring a professional carpet cleaning company can be just the answer in keeping a home fresh and clean year round.


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