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Most people think of Carpet Cleaning as a Spring and Summer addition to their “To-Do” List. Part of this comes from the myth that carpets can take days to dry, and that you cannot walk on the carpet if it’s freshly cleaned. We are going to de-bunk these, and a few more Cold Weather Carpet Cleaning Myths, and let you know why Carpet Cleaning in Fall and Winter is just as effective and convenient as warmer months.

Myth #1: If I clean my carpets during cold weather, they’ll take days to dry

Not with Gallagher’s! Our technicians are trained to thoroughly rinse any product applied out of your carpets, and extract as much water off the carpet as possible, so that carpets dry in hours – not days. Cranking the heat in the home and making the house feel extra cozy inside can help carpets dry just as quickly, if not faster, than a Pacific Northwest Summer day.

Myth #2: I can’t walk on the carpet until it’s completely dry

This is only true on dense, shag carpeting, which is becoming less and less common in homes. If you need to go about your business at home, just tread carefully and use caution going from damp carpet to hard surfaces.

Myth #3: Spring is the best time to clean your carpets

Springtime carpet cleaning definitely has benefits, but each season has pros and cons. Cleaning in late Fall or Early Winter means that you are making your home environment healthier by reducing allergens brought in from the outside during the warmer months. Cold Weather carpet cleaning is a great time to give your home a fresh start with better indoor air quality!

Myth #4: Waiting to clean my carpets won’t make a difference

If your carpets need attention, even if it’s February, don’t wait to schedule a carpet cleaning. The longer you let excessive soil and staining sit in your carpet, the harder they are to remove. Don’t procrastinate!


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