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How To Properly Store Your Rugs For Winter

By January 7, 2020September 22nd, 2022No Comments

We have experienced an influx in water damaged rugs this season, and wanted to share some quick tips to protect your rugs and heirloom pieces. 

First, make sure to store your rugs a few feet off the floor of your basement or garage to avoid damaging them if, and when, it floods. Storing in an attic during the rainy seasons is preferable to storing in a basement. Attics typically have lower humidity and will protect you items from flooding (just be sure that your roof isn’t leaking!). 

Roll area rugs to save space and protect the structural integrity of the rug. 

If the rugs will be stored for a long period of time, we recommend wrapping in heavy duty paper or Tyvek material. Both options should be sealed with packing tape to keep out bugs and dust. Tyvek is highly recommended for damp environments because of its water resistance and breathability – this will protect your rug from developing mildew and mold. NEVER store rugs for any length of time in sealed plastic. If there is any moisture inside of the seal, mildew and mold are highly likely to develop.

Floods can cause irreversible damage to area rugs including dye bleed, mold, mildew, and latex decay in tufted rugs. It is important to consult a Certified Master Rug Cleaner to determine the best course of action for your area rugs and heirloom pieces.

If you do have a water damaged rug, you can drop it off anytime at our facility in SE Portland, or call at (503) 477-4097 to schedule a pick-up or request a quote.

Stay dry!


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