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Let’s talk about rugs. Your rug to be exact. You have one, it’s dirty and you don’t know what to do.

We know you want a clean rug and we have the solution: Bring it to Gallagher’s.

Right about now you’re asking yourself, “How do I even begin such a process?” Our answer is, “It’s super simple, just keep reading.”

All you really have to do is to roll up your rug and drive it over to Gallagher’s and we take it from your car into our facility. Rug too large for your vehicle? No sweat, we’ll come over and pick it up.

Once we’ve got your rug, it’s placed into our rug intake where, amongst a list of things, we check for any needed repairs, identify stains, odors and then we decide how we will get your rug looking its best again. No two rugs are the same, so we determine the best way to clean on a case by case basis.

This is an art and a science, folks

Now that we’ve identified the best course of action, our technicians get to work by subjecting the rug in question to a thorough dusting – and we mean THOROUGH – removing dry particulates living deep in the fibers that can cause damage over time, limiting the usable life of your rug.

Next comes a trip to the washing floor, which can be a two step process if we are dealing with a rug that has been well-loved by your pets.

On our state-of-the-art wash floor, our rug cleaners use a variety of techniques and tools to customize the washing phase for each individual rug. We create customized treatment formulas to target the specific types of stains and soiling present in your rugs, taking extra precaution to avoid potential bleeding and dye transfer issues. This is where art and science merge to clean your rug.

If the rug has animal bio-matter in it, we will treat the rug with enzymes, breaking down and removing the animal stains and odors from the rug. It’s amazing. Rugs with severe pet urine issues can be submersed in our enzyme pond to soak the odor causing agents out of the rug and unlock stains – there is simply no better method to clean pet urine in rugs. And we’re here to tell you, it WORKS.

The drying process is an often overlooked step. Our environmentally controlled drying area allows us to hang dry rugs on our custom rug rack. This allows us to control humidity and temperature to insure that rugs dry at the proper rate in an uncontaminated environment. In certain cases flat-drying is preferred, either to restore shape or to control drying further.

The final steps in this odyssey of cleaning is our final inspection. We want to take the time to ensure we have done everything in our power to make your rugs look their best. We will give you a call as soon as the rug is ready. Pull into our parking lot anytime (during business hours, of course) and one of our handsome, friendly faces will place your fresh, clean rug into your car for you to take home and enjoy for years to come.

People often think that it must be too expensive to have their rug cleaned. That’s just not the case. Most people own a rug for a minimum of ten years. The cost of cleaning such a rug typically can cost the equivalent of $10 a year. You bought it and love it, so give it a wash now and again and let Gallagher’s take care of it for you.

It’s what we do. And we’re the best at it. So give us a call at (503) 477-4097 and let us take care of the rest.


Gallagher’s is proud to be a locally owned-and-operated Portland, Oregon business. We are nestled in the historic Central Eastside neighborhood, located right on SE Belmont, just off of I-5, with our own safe, off-street parking available to customers.